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OUR Story

Little Elite Kids was created out of pure love and care for our kids and through our passion to provide a safe, fun and loving learning environment.

At Little Elite Kids we understand that children comes first and you as parents want only the best for them. That’s why we created a home away from home.

Little Elite Kids exists to provide a safe, developmentally inclusive environment where our focus is to provide a stimulating early learning centre which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Girl with guitar
Little Preschooler Writing Acitivity Concept

how it works

Happy children are active children, our happy children learn trough play and get equipped with the important skills they need to enter formal schooling.

Our Services

Full Daycare

Full Daycare

Full Day: 06:00am - 17:30pm
5 Days per week
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Half Daycare

Half Daycare

Half Day 06:00am - 13:00pm
5 Days per week
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fun things to do

Field trips

Learning outside the classroom is just as important as skills learned inside the classroom. Preschoolers can benefit exponentially from learning outside the school.

arts & Crafts

We nurture the creative spirit with fun ideas for making. We’ll be giving your child the tools they need to spark imagination and creative play.

special Events

School concerts, grandparents day, parents evenings and many more activities where we encourage family envolvement. 

Enrich your child's life today.


89, 14th Avenue, Northcliff, 2115